Health… We got COVID

Sigh. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I am just glad it happened once vaccines were made though. But it was pretty much inevitable here. Here being Alabama. Denise is doing her Ph.D. here because it was the only school that accepted her application. Probably helps that she got her Master’s degree here, […]

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I am now 50 years old. Dang. My eyes are not working as well. I have always had glasses but now I need to start using reading and regular glasses for clearly seeing things at a distance. The last few glasses I’ve had were ‘progressive’ lenses. The idea here is that the top portion is

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Python the language

For the longest time I avoided it. Mainly because I didn’t have a use case for it. I use C for mostly everything and recently when I was attempting to do some web programming it was PHP and JavaScript. Both PHP and JavaScript are just painful to use. PHP because of some of the ways

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The University of Alabama is pretty. Lots of colonial-style buildings, open spaces, and air conditioning. It is warm here but not as warm as a few weeks ago. Lately, it has been at most 30 celsius at most. It is humid. Rains every now and then. Lots of crickets and cicadas making noises in the

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Flying is no fun now

I’m in Alabama at the moment. Wife flew down a few weeks before me. I had similar/same problems as she did when she flew through Dallas Fort Worth. It’s COVID, I get it, but you would think the Airline would ‘fix’ their schedule or something to avoid a hot mess at their hub. Apparently not.

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New Laptop

I decided to make a decision. Someone had stock of a Gigabyte AERO 17 HD machine. A bit on the pricy side but they had a $500 off the sticker which helped the decision. I am still not a huge fan of the looks but the machine works well. I should not call this a

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New Laptop

Since Denise is heading down to Alabama, it will mean she will be taking and using the Microsoft Surface Pro. Which will leave me without a laptop that is worth anything. I have an old VAIO ultra-portable (at the time) but that is a 32-bit machine and slow as molasses now. I still like the

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