What lovely weather we are having.

Currently in Alabama again. And to make matters more lovely we are experiencing High 30s, low 40s weather. Definitely AC weather. Thankfully our AC is working like a champ. What gave out was the Forced Air Motor that actually moved the air in our apartment here. So, all things considered, our AC is not working. It is a bit difficult sleeping when sweat is dripping down the skin to the various regions. It is very uncomfortable.

Tried to live in the heat the past weekend. Denise was super grumpy about it all. Ended up buying a Costco card just to get a portable AC unit from them. The unit was the only one local that had a dual vent so it actually works in ‘cooling’ compared to the single hose units. However for our apartment that would mean at least two of these to actually do a good job of it. But at $500 per unit I think we will try just one for now. EOur apartment is just 600 sq. feet but the unit says it can handle up to 500 at most, it still does something to make it bearable. Plus we have super high ceilings which really increases that 600 sq. feet estimate to something like 700 or 800 I would guess. The unit is working and cooling the place but it will never reach our target temp I think.

HVAC repair guys have a new motor for the blower on order but time frame is still in the air. Supply company they are in contact with for the motor does not know when they will be able to ship. So the HVAC guys have no idea when they can finish the job. Looks like the portable unit will be the solution for maybe another week I am speculating.

Yes, I know, first world problems. Denise and I would be dead already anywhere else.

Update: This got fixed quite some time ago. Problems of buying an older apartment or house. Equipment is equally old. Blower motor is a double axel (axel on both sides of the motor) at 8.5 HP. Apparently no one makes that sort of motor. So the repair guys looked for something similar and found a 5 HP motor and that seems to be working. Air movement is about the same or slightly less so I don’t notice really. $650 for the motor though. With service and taxes the total bill was just shy of $1000. Ouch.

Even with all the expenses we have been incurring by owning an apartment down here (new washer and dryer units, new vacuum cleaner, new rugs, new TV and receiver, new desk for working at), I still think we are coming out ahead than if we were renting a fully furnished or unfurnished apartment. Especially with some of the rents they are asking for on an apartment that is relatively similar in location. Silly season.

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