Back in Vancouver again.

Marathon drive back from Alabama to Vancouver. Before we left I checked the weather along the route. It was predicted to have snowfall around Oregon which was troubling me so I wanted to beat that at all costs. In the end no snow anywhere along the route. Fine by me. Although Oregon, the whole state, ended up being a drive at night through some pretty thick fog. That was not much of a joy. But better than having to deal with icy roads and snow conditions in my opinion.

And we are now two for two on the return drive for damaging our car. First time was in Yellowstone park when we hit a deer or elk. Then entire front hood and parts had to be replaced. Deer/elk walked away. This time, driving through Mississippi, someone lost some of their load and it was left on the road. I didn’t notice it until too late. Drove over it. Thankfully not too serious damage to the bottom of the car. The plastic engine shield it just hanging on though but that needs to be replaced. Thankfully a lot cheaper repair compared to the hood. Still not happy I didn’t manage to avoid the problem. 1000’s of miles/kms and I feel I should be better at this.

Seems like a pretty mild and dry winter we are going to get here. Which will probably mean, water restrictions in the summer as there is not a snow pack developing on the north shore for the water reservoirs. But we have to drive back down to Alabama in February so I hope that is snow and storm free as well. Normally we would be going down about now because school starts for Denise in the second week of January. However she is done with the coursework and now needs to work on the research part. Plus I have a medical appointment with a surgeon in February. Nothing too serious but in Vancouver appointments are few and long time coming. This is just a consult with the surgeon as well and not the actual surgery. I expect the surgery will happen in the summer. Yeah, universal health care and all, if it is not urgent, your service can be a bit of a wait. I am fine though. It is cancer that we are dealing with but not the big “C” cancer.

Thankfully, I hope, this will be the last time we will be having an extended stay in Alabama. After this semester Denise can finish up her work here in Vancouver. I am looking forward to a more predictable life again. I must be getting old… Is someone on my lawn? Kidding, I cannot afford a lawn in Vancouver.

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