Health… I have got to do better.

Recent bloodwork indicates I have high blood sugar. Much too high according to the doctor. In a way, I am not entirely surprised. Covid, being a computer programmer, and working from home. I have not exactly been ‘active’ in burning off the sugar. So I really need to work on working out; I cannot be lazy about this. I really dislike working out though. I do not mind hiking, biking, and walking and that is pretty much what I will be doing. I would prefer to play a sport but I cannot play without being too competitive and that usually ends up with me getting injured and that ruins everything. I hope it does not get too hot this summer. Hiking, biking, and walking in the heat are not entirely pleasant.

I need to lose weight as well. I have been meaning to lose some anyway but it has been a struggle. I have not found a method that stuck. I did manage to drop to 97 Kg but it climbed back up to 105 Kg because of Christmas and Denise and I needing to eat all the food we missed while we were in Tuscaloosa. I need to do better there as well. My eyes are always too big for my stomach and I really like to try stuff. Sigh.

Worse, one test indicated I had liver damage. Doctor was surprised about that. He has asked me to get the tests done again to make sure it was not a lab error. I do not know, if it is true, how that happened. That would be more worrying to me. We will see in about two weeks when I redo the test. I am also hoping it is a lab error.

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  1. Same here. Everything I do, save for yard work and the occasional outdoor project, is mostly sedentary in nature. I lost 9kg prior to the holidays but I’ve gained it all back. 😥

    I’ve been trying to use the treadmill for at least 20 minutes a day, every day. I’ve fallen off the wagon a number of times so I’m using the treadmill while catching up on some streaming shows. I find the distraction helpful but the issue is running out of things to watch. I’ll have to pad out the content with some audio books.

    1. First world problems! 🙂 Currently in Alabama because Denise is doing her Ph.D. and so I’m trying to take advantage of some of the university facilities. There is a Student Recreation Center here that I pay a monthly fee for. I do some of the group exercises. However Denise and I suspect we got our Covid infection through there possibly. Sigh. Try to get first and get punished for it.

      Exercise equipment work is not easy to keep up for me either. Probably like you I would need to keep the noggin engaged on something to keep at it.

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