Health… I got better… Now to keep it that way.

A while back I got a lab test of all lab tests because of turning 50. Getting old sucks. Through the tests it showed I was pre-diabetic on sugar and liver function showed I was doing rather poorly to the point the doc said it showed I suffered liver damage. Yikes. But really, not that surprising.

Ever since COVID pandemic started I was working from home. I admit I was being pretty lazy. I was not getting out of the house and walking or anything that much. So I wasn’t too surprised that my blood sugar level was… ahem, a bit off. The liver one surprised me a bit but I guess it really should not have. Not exercising, you don’t burn off stored fat or anything. So your liver gets fatty. Sound like I was making foie gras.

So after that initial lab test, I made an effort to do something each day. If it was just a short walk or some pushups at home. Second test a few months later showed improvements for both sugar and liver function. Sugar was within normal range. Liver function was still too high. Doc ordered another test in 3 months time in December. This test showed my liver function was down good and we do not need to continue with the testing. Cool!

But I am still working from home so I really need to clean up my act and cut some of the sugar intake and keep doing the healthy stuff. Not really a new years resolution as I started doing it already but I need to keep it up.

So, new years resolution; keep getting off my fat ass.

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