Health… We got COVID

Sigh. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I am just glad it happened once vaccines were made though. But it was pretty much inevitable here. Here being Alabama. Denise is doing her Ph.D. here because it was the only school that accepted her application. Probably helps that she got her Master’s degree here, so she had at least one person rooting for her. Everywhere else did not have much success. Hawaii was a place she applied to but the interview did not seem serious as one of the two interviewers seemed like they already had their mind made up even before the call… Anyhow, we are in Alabama. And Alabama is a seriously “Red” state (Republican, GOP, Stupidly conservative. And for the Canadians, US Red is Canadian Blue, I know confusing.)

So being a Red state, they are very much Trump supporters. I remember the first football game here in 2021 and saw people with Trump paraphernalia. It was quite distressing. But you might get the sort of mentality that they have here, especially when it came to the pandemic. “Meh, just a cold.” Denise and I were masking up trying to stay safe. Take out if we were eating out. However, once the vaccines were getting more traction we loosened up a bit. We do not know where or when we got it but Denise suspects it was a fitness class she went to. However we got it, we got it.

Thankfully, with 4 vaccine shots, it did not hit us that hard. I am glad about that. For me, 1 day of chills. 1 or 2 days of taste being a bit off to not being sure I am tasting anything. Coughing and the toilet thing is a bit longer but that is going away. And the sexy voice… Denise had it a little harder. I wonder if it is because of the vaccine choice. She had a problem with Moderna so she stuck with Pfizer. I had Moderna as my last two doses. But at any rate, Denise had sore ribs from coughing so much. All in all, we are more annoyed about getting it when we tried to stay healthy and safe but we are not surprised we got it in the end because people here just do not mask up. And probably the one that gave us this little present was probably asymptomatic anyway and probably did not know. Stuff happens. I am just glad I did not give it to anyone else… Or at least I hope not.

We have been self-quarantining ourselves under the Alabama guidelines. Will soon be free again. Need to do grocery shopping soon.

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