Mr. Fix it

Ok, not Marvel’s Grey Hulk but feeling a bit good.

The shower head was always spraying at the neck. Somehow the washer inside the hose got all twisted and mangled. Home Depot didn’t have exactly the same washer but found something that worked reasonably well. We’ll see how it goes after a week to see if my hack is an okay long-term solution.

Garberator would not spin. I was worried I would have to call a plumber. Then I saw a youtube video on exactly my problem. Apparently, I have an ‘In-sink-erator’ which has a feature that there is a hex socket at the bottom of the unit, using a hex wrench, turn the drum/or whatever it is to dislodge or unfreeze it from turning when the motor is activated. Brilliant design. Garberator works again.

The bathroom fan was seizing and making a horrendous noise. It is a very cheap fan and was fully prepared to replace it but what the hell. Whoever installed it was lazy. Nailed the fan to the stud! Use screws you lazy bastard! Replacing would end up being a little more work so opted to try and clean the fan. Still went to Home Depot for electric motor oil. I could not find anything there that specifically stated it was safe to use with an electrical motor. Sigh, risked using a silicon spray lubricant that came with the apartment instead and let the volatile contents evaporate some. A lot of caked-on dust inside. No wonder it would not turn. I would love to replace it with something less noisy though. But this place in Alabama is really only temporary so I do not want to spend too much money here. The fan is once again working. Maybe a little less noisy than before.

One last thing I was hoping to fix was replacing the kitchen sink faucet. The one that is there is a constant irritant. Old fashioned with the two knobs, sprayer to the side, and a tap that is so low that cleaning dishes or anything in the sink was always table flipping annoying. I should have searched online for what was needed to do the full install and I’m missing some silicone sealant for the base. So I cannot install it just yet. Next weekend or maybe tomorrow another visit to Home Depot. I really want to get rid of the old thing. There are some creature comforts that I will spend some money on because we use them every day and it will be worth every penny.

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