April 2021

Back again

It was interesting developing my own Blog software but I have come to realize, my time is better spent elsewhere. Hopefully this time my WP install will not get corrupted or hacked. That was the main reason for abandoning it last time. It was hacked I think, or at least my web host said it […]

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OS Reinstall

What a pain. Windows update was in some sort of never-ending loop it seemed and eventually the system refused to boot. I’m so glad I have an official USB drive with an official Windows 10 on it because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what the hell to do to get the machine reinstalled. The

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50K Words! WOOOOOOOO… 2 days early too. I thought a few days ago I would be running short. My story back around the 15-day mark was like, shit, where do I go from here, it could pretty much end right now. I got to think of some ways to extend this if I’m going to

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NaNoWriMo Progress

Halfway through November means people should be halfway to a 50K word novel. And surprisingly, I passed that mark yesterday. WOOT! I’ve been aiming for 2K words a day instead of just 1667 just so that I have some buffer to play with. Not every day has been reaching that 2K though but I have

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NaNoWriMo Software Update

I thought, “Why spend money when free should do.” So I tried my hand at setting up LibreOffice Write template for defining a character/location sheet, notes, and manuscript documents. One template to rule them all. Basically setting up paragraph styles for various text elements. Nothing too strenuous for a word processor. My god, LibreOffice is

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NaNoWriMo Software

Right now I’m playing around with software. What to use to write with. There are quite a few choices. Google Doc Microsoft Word LibreOffice Write Microsoft Write YWriter Scrivener Bibisco SmartEdit Writer Notepad++ Zekaric:Word I like Google Doc since it is online and connected to my Google drive so I expect it to be very

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I have never been a writer. English class in school was usually near the bottom of the marks department. Maths and Sciences were mainly my cup of tea. However, I have been writing a ton lately. Or it would seem like I have been writing a ton. At work, it has been writing for the

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Boot Drive Failure

I was lucky. Last few weeks I have noticed some oddness with main machine where it would sometimes just hang when booting up. Funnily enough, Denise never saw the behaviour but it happened to me more than I liked. Thankfully I was already prepared for this eventuality with a backup SSD ready and waiting. The

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MacOS X High Sierra Pain

Well, I have tried. Any more time wasted on trying to get my MacMini 4,1 machine to work ‘normally’ under High Sierra will be time poorly used. As Apple states, “It just works”, but I state, when it doesn’t, flip the table. Apparently I could upgrade to Catalina but then may authentic Machintosh becomes an

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