Back again

It was interesting developing my own Blog software but I have come to realize, my time is better spent elsewhere. Hopefully this time my WP install will not get corrupted or hacked. That was the main reason for abandoning it last time. It was hacked I think, or at least my web host said it was and it quarantined some of the script files or did something to my blog which essentially killed it.

I was looking around before settling on WP again but there really is not many other options that compete with WP. It has also been a few years since I stopped using it so I hope WP has improved a little since then. I know my ISP has changed things. HTTPS access to my web site is now available by default without jumping through hoops as it was before.

So here is hoping this time around my site will last a bit longer. I will need to be a little more diligent in doing backups and such. Admin work is not my favorite task.

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