2 days early too. I thought a few days ago I would be running short. My story back around the 15-day mark was like, shit, where do I go from here, it could pretty much end right now. I got to think of some ways to extend this if I’m going to make 50K. And extend it I did.

Now, you might be thinking. I made up some bull and filler to fill in the 50K. In a way, YOU BET! I didn’t say I was going to be making a good story. From what I gather, with all the youtube videos, forum posting, and other sources. Something like NaNoWriMo or any “first draft” work is going to be absolute garbage.

And I KNOW my writing, my story is derivative, poorly written, white environments, mono characters, zero tension, no buildup, hor-i-ble dialog, nonsense driven, trash. I wrote it with-out any real plan. I actually tried to plan it out before the month but then the month started and I had to start writing. Ended up being a Pantster (flying by the seat of your pants writer) instead of being a planner or a planster (half and half).

If I wasn’t pressed for time like doing 50K in one month, I probably would plan more. But then I might end up with a story that is way too short. Which is what brought me to the halfway mark. So from there it was mainly, what shit can I come up with, I need to create some blanks and fill them in.

A couple of times I stopped writing just to think. Mainly because I sort of painted myself into a corner. The worry there was, I didn’t want to delete what I had already written. Because if I did I would fall behind. So my rule that I worked with was to never delete something I wrote. If I painted myself into a corner, then so be it. A character may have to die or the whole story takes a new direction.

Thankfully I think I did manage to stay to a general storyline that I had in mind from the beginning. It just got to the end in a slightly different way.

At any rate. WOOT! Done! I’ll leave it alone for a month or two before I come back to this and edit the crap out of it. There are soooo many things wrong with it. So many. It’s downright embarrassing.

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