Be More Productive.

Ugh… I have been saying this over the last few years. Just a serious lack of motivation and procrastination on my part killing any momentum. However, this year, I am going to make a much more serious effort to stop slacking off. Mainly because I find my future at the company I currently work for a bit tenable. I need an out. I want and out.

I was thinking of making a computer game. Initially I was thinking of using one of those game engines. I started using Game Maker Studio 3 (GMS3) and it was alright. Then it was bought out by the Opera Browser guys and they immediately wanted to move it to subscripting based. I had just bought a perpetual license for desktops and mobiles. This rubbed me the wrong way. Find, tried to move over to Unity. Paid for a training material and started working in there. What an experience that was. Unity is great if you understand it. But starting out, feels a bit like what Flash used to be. Really busy, no clear way to organize things and what would be best practice on how to do things. Then Unity made a license change, which the backed out from, but that killed it again for me. So I was trying Godot. And that was going ok. Still a few peculiarities though. Last night I had a problem with it. It complains about something I have defined in a global script as no being there. Ugh… I give up on mobile which is why I though I should use these engines. I am going back to my tried and true. C with libSDL 2 and OpenGL. The game will be limited to desktops and it may actually take some more time to do but I will be happier in the end.

Another thing I need to do is probably be more consistent in writing on this web site. This has been a bit of an afterthought of mine instead of a focus. So I am going to at least try to write something once a week. Which is a heck of a lot more than my once a month or less. Need to make a calendar reminder I think.

Last thing I need to do is serious lose some weight and stick to it. Have a few warning signs that I have been ignoring. Basal Cell Carcinoma, Pre Diabetic sugar levels, maybe something that felt like a heart attack. I am still good but I cannot keep ignoring it… But god damn food it so good…

So to my, maybe, one reader. Stay tuned!

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