Computer Woes Continued

Well. Just when I thought the boot drive was sorted, the replacement spinning disk drives were acting up. So to avoid more heartache, I bit the bullet and bought two new SSDs to replace everything. 1 SSD for backup if the first one fails. Still have a backup of the SSD on one of the remaining spinning disk HDD. I hope it isn’t my motherboard chewing up drives. I did replace a cable that was attached to the old HDD that seemed to fail. It was damaged so I wonder if it was a problem. New cable now as well. I just want this beast to last the summer. I don’t want to deal with a more significant upgrade just yet. Sheesh. Computers.

Can’t be lazy about backups though. Thankfully Mini Tool Partition Wizard is helping a lot with this; not promoting it, I just have a license for it and it clone boot drives which is really the only reason I got it. There are other options so I don’t know if there is anything better or anything new that is free. I would really wish something like that would be built into Windows. At any rate, I should have had a backup when I had the older Intel SSD in the system. That was my bad. Hate wasting time on system admin so being a bit more diligent with the backup boot drive will save be a lot more headaches in the long run. Especially since SSDs can die so unexpectedly.

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