Ancient Chinese Curse: May You Live In Interesting Times

Probably not a real curse, I remember this sort of joke way back when I was a kid. But the interesting times thing is that my life is, or more accurately my wife’s life and mine by association, is going to be a bit challenging the next 5-6 years.

Late last year Denise decided that she needed to make a change. She felt stuck in a job she didn’t quite like and other job prospects were not that attractive either as it was a bit of the same, different venue sort of deal. And it was really bringing her down. So she decided, with my full support, to apply to Universities to pursue a PhD! Quite the direction change I would say.

She applied to quite a few Universities but only one ended up accepting her. We’re wondering why this might be. The University that accepted her was the same University that she got her Master degree from; so at least she is familiar with the place. She was really hoping she could get into UBC here but they turned her down. That would have been ideal as it would mean no real disruption to our living situation. We would still have had to move because getting to UBC from our current place by transit is insanely slow. Anyway, irrelevant. As a second choice she was hoping for a University in Canada. At least then I can easily come along without any hassle or problems. Unfortunately none of the other Universities she tried accepted her either. She was getting a bit demoralized with all the rejections and was wondering if any of the Universities would accept her.

She had a feeling her alma mater would come through for her but even then that wasn’t a guarantee. She previously applies to her alma mater for an online Doctorate degree course but didn’t make the grade because all the others who were accepted had one thing she didn’t. Being a licensed clinical social worker. If she had that it sounded as if she would have had a spot. And she kicked herself for not pursuing that license earlier. She was discouraged in getting it because here in Canada, that license is really meaningless. It doesn’t get you any more job opportunities or better pay or anything. Canada’s medical system is different and in some way, when it comes to social work, it lags behind the States. So that was the main reason she didn’t try for it. But it really annoyed her last year being rejected primarily because of this lack of credential.

Even with this new round of applications she did put in for some doctoral programs and so far only one of them has mentioned she is on a waiting list. That pretty much said to Denise that, yeah, I’m not getting in.

So mid July we will be heading down to the US and get her living arrangement and sorted out for the upcoming years. Her first day will be in mid August. Having been out of School for so long she is starting to feel really anxious and nervous about it all. First 2 years, from what I gather, is coursework. Getting the PhD candidates prepared to do their research and stuff for the 3+ years that will follow.

The real difficult part about all this is that I currently can’t been with her for the whole year yet. I’ll be fixing that hopefully in a year or so once I get my Canadian Citizenship. But until then I need to remain in Canada for half the year plus a day to maintain my permanent residency. I should have done this years ago but until now I never had huge reason to do it.

I’m cheering Denise on, even though she already feels the sadness of the thought of being by herself again at school. It will be challenging in more than one way for her this year.

On the brighter side, the US is knocking it out of the park with the vaccine deployment. So us going down there, it looks like we will be able to get our second shot there instead of waiting for it up here. I’m not complaining!

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