Got Stabbed! By Pfizer

Well I got the first shot. Quite impressed with the setup they had. A lot of personnel but very well organized. I felt they could have had less people and still perform the same task but however they felt was necessary the process was smooth. Mind you I scheduled at the beginning of the day. I was almost an hour early before my scheduled time and they didn’t care, go on in. Outside, about 4 people giving out clipboards with a form to fill out to arrivals. Inside registered with a bank of people taking my care card number and matching it with the reservations. Off around a corner to a queue what barely developed as every one was immediately picked up and ushered to a nurse station. A few words exchanged and the stabbing gleefully applied. Then ushered to a waiting area for 15 minutes observation. And then out the door. I swear it was about 20-25 minutes tops and most of that was just waiting in the observation room

My shoulder did get a little sore but nothing severe. I had one time a yellow fever shot, a tetanus shot, and another shot given at the same time. Now THAT caused a major Charlie horse in the arm. This time, not really noticeable. Even the needle was thinner than normal I thought. Hardly felt it go in.

So now I wait for the next dose. Unlike others I might be able to get it sooner rather than later. Not because I’m special but for a particularly different reason.

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