Ancient Chinese Curse Part 2

Best laid plans… Will be shot to hell. Our initial plan was to drive over the border today but that did not happen. Why? ESTA. I need an ESTA record to travel and due to various possible reasons, ESTA has refused authorization. We are speculating it is partly because of some existing proclamations against the travel of EU passport holders or because of an active Visa application that I started but had to start due to the fact that the Visa is dependent on Denise’s entry into the USA first. Which, I wish we knew or read more closely about that requirement. At any rate the refusal of ESTA means I need to get a Visa or some kind in order to cross the border.

So Denise is now flying down, something she was not keen on in the first place because of COVID, being crammed in 2 planes and in 3 potentially busy airports. And then an hour drive to Tuscaloosa. Not only that scheduling for a travel accepted covid test needs to be planned before leaving. That is not free which was a surprise to me, and it is not cheap! Sheesh, prices are all over the map too. Travelling by plane now is not fun. It was not really fun before COVID with all the security measures in place but now there are even more issues at play.

Once she is across the border, she will have an entry record which I will need to complete my Visa application. Hopefully, that will not take too long to complete after that. Then we will see when I will be able to schedule a flight down and join her.

Denise is sufficiently miffed that I didn’t get my Canadian Citizenship before now. If I had none of this would have happened. Yeah, it is silly that I am not Canadian already. That is on me.

On a more positive note. Canada is doing a heck of a job in stabbing people. I got my second stabbing of Pfeiser.

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