Vaccination Part 1 Scheduled

Finally got a notice from the government that I can book my appointment for the first jab. Took a while. I was expecting it earlier since my brother had been notified almost 3 weeks ago and he’s not that much older than me. However, I am glad the web site worked. For a second there I thought it may not have been mainly because I registered twice, second time a little after concern from my brother about me not having been notified to book yet, and I ended up with two different numbers. I would have thought the system would have been smart enough to recognize my Health Card number is already in the system spew out the original registration. So it looks like I may have two records in the system which to me, being a computer programmer and all, is a bit of a mistake. I wonder if I will get another notification with the other number to book.

At any rate, next Wednesday morning some nurse will gleefully stick me with something sharp.

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