Back In Red State USA

Back in the South. Wife still continuing with her Ph.D. Spring break is on at the moment and we want to take a small trip just to get away a bit. So I am taking a look at what’s about and noticed something. Almost every destination around here has some sort of ‘Civil Rights’ museum. Which I find a little funny considering the governments of all the states around us still does whatever it can to disenfranchise minorities here. These museum show the struggle still continues and essentially, the governments just give lip service to that fact. Hell, Alabama (AL) just threw out any DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) with a recent bill that was passed. AL has been in the news a lot lately. Senator Tuberville with his stonewalling on millitary promotions, AL Supreme Court essentially saying a fertilized egg is a person and if someone makes a mistake at an IVF lab and an egg dies they could be charged for murder, and the cringe performance by Senator Katie Britt in her response to the State Of The Union address by Biden. But at least they are not Mississippi.

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