Flying is no fun now

I’m in Alabama at the moment. Wife flew down a few weeks before me. I had similar/same problems as she did when she flew through Dallas Fort Worth. It’s COVID, I get it, but you would think the Airline would ‘fix’ their schedule or something to avoid a hot mess at their hub. Apparently not. My initial flight was a half-hour late even though it seemed we boarded on time. This caused quite a few passengers to have some really tight connections.

When I got off the plane at A terminal, I went to the screens on where to go. D terminal. Great, I’m in A terminal. On my way, I turn on the internet and I get a stream of notices to the American Airlines app indicating that the new gate is in D terminal. I get to the gate and there is a plane heading to Philly sitting there. Hm… That’s weird. Is this doesn’t seem quite right. Look at the board again. Now it is saying my flight is at an A terminal gate. Look at the American Airlines app and it is still saying the D terminal gate, which to believe. A little more pfaffing about and I finally find out that the final gate is actually in A terminal. Mental note. Check the boards often in Dallas. The app only corrected itself quite sometime later. Also, the second leg ended up being an hour and a half late.

Full flights. Lots of people not wearing masks properly. Lots of stress. Flying is not fun right now.

People, get vaccinated so that life can return to a more normal state. I’m ok with masking, I just want fewer hassles. Even after COVID, I think I’ll take the weird looks and continue to mask up.

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