New Year Resolution

A bit late in posting and it will be a little on the fail side…

Last year my resolution was to lose weight. The heaviest I was last year was about 106 Kg. And I felt it. Putting on socks and tying my shoes were difficult to do. I wouldn’t say I was super overweight but I was feeling a noticeable difference as well as not feeling all that great. But instead of dieting or making serious adjustments, I took a more gradual approach to the problem. If I am to lose weight I needed something that I can sustain. And that is easier to do when the changes are gradual.

The biggest change is to eat less. I love dinners but I really needed to cut it down. I no longer have the same life as I did when I was in High School and earlier where I was much more active. But I hadn’t really changed my eating habits.

Snacking. I really need to be better at that as well. I like some of the junk foods but they need to be cut down. Eating out. This is probably the biggest issue. Thankfully working from home due to COVID-19 allowed me to remove the temptation of eating out at lunchtime downtown where my company’s office lives. So many choice options there and the problem is that it’s all often too rich and unnecessary.

So I managed to drop back down to 97 Kg. I’m quite happy with that result. I was initially just hoping to break 100 Kg and maintain that but so far I’ve managed to stay at 97 Kg. I still have some more to go. I should probably be around 90-92 Kg. So this year I’m trying to break 95 Kg and keep it there first. If I do more then yay!

The other resolution. Get Stuff Done (GSD)! I’ve been putting some things off for too long. This year I want to complete some projects that I started so long ago. This GSD thing actually started last year. Wrote a 50K word novel (a first pass and awful draft of one at least.) I don’t know if I will get to do a rewrite of it this year. Taking my time on the rewrite. Too many other projects to tackle.

So, back to GingSD.

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