MacOS X High Sierra Pain

Well, I have tried. Any more time wasted on trying to get my MacMini 4,1 machine to work ‘normally’ under High Sierra will be time poorly used. As Apple states, “It just works”, but I state, when it doesn’t, flip the table.

Apparently I could upgrade to Catalina but then may authentic Machintosh becomes an semi-legit Hackintosh. And there is no guarantee Apple fixed anything for my little beast. So…

Currently trying to downgrade to El Capitein 10.11, and hopefully that will be reasonably spunky for the little machine.

If I want a newer version of the OS I will need a newer computer. And considering that Apple is now looking to go ARM for all its products I think I’ll wait at least the second generation MacMini ARM before upgrading to that.

I hope the frustrations end soon. However I have my doubts because I will need to try and find software versions for El Capitein after this.

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