Boot Drive Failure

I was lucky. Last few weeks I have noticed some oddness with main machine where it would sometimes just hang when booting up. Funnily enough, Denise never saw the behaviour but it happened to me more than I liked. Thankfully I was already prepared for this eventuality with a backup SSD ready and waiting. The …

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MacOS X High Sierra Pain

Well, I have tried. Any more time wasted on trying to get my MacMini 4,1 machine to work ‘normally’ under High Sierra will be time poorly used. As Apple states, “It just works”, but I state, when it doesn’t, flip the table. Apparently I could upgrade to Catalina but then may authentic Machintosh becomes an …

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New Year Resolution

A bit late in posting and it will be a little on the fail side… Last year my resolution was to lose weight. The heaviest I was last year was about 106 Kg. And I felt it. Putting on socks and tying my shoes were difficult to do. I wouldn’t say I was super overweight …

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