Returning to normality.

This summer the weather here in Vancouver has been AWESOME! Unfortunately Denise and I have had very little chance to enjoy it.

First off was the wedding trip. Her mom, brother, and best friend arrived in Vancouver for a about a week.  We saw the sights here; then over to Toronto for a few days, saw the sights there; then finally in the Bahamas for just over a week for the wedding. It went pretty smoothly but not entirely relaxing.

Once we got back we immediately went into house hunting mode. The landlord of the place we moved into in October of last year called us up 3 or 4 months into our tenancy that they were going to sell. A few weeks later the place was sold. We were not exactly pleased because we wanted to stay somewhere for more than just 1 year. I do not know if they already had the idea to sell in mind when we signed the lease so I will just assume they were not going to and use the house as an income property. Ah well. We had to find a new place before the end of September.

We wanted to move out as soon as possible so we could settle down earlier. Plus we did not want to feel rushed or in a panic in September when we absolutely would have had to move.  We actually found an pretty good place for August 1st. Signed and then looked a little closer at the place… It needed certain fixes. Then we got a better idea of what kind of landlord we were going to be dealing with talking with the neighbors and learning a bit of the history of the place. What a piece of work. Certain things on our list to be fixed should have been fixed at least a year or more ago when the damage happened. Talking with the neighbors made me realize that the landlord was not going to do damn all about problems. We managed to get them to sign a mutual agreement to terminate tenancy. We lost out a month rent and damage deposit from the ordeal but all in all, it was probably the cheapest solution to the problem. So back to square one, looking for a new place.

Basically two days after the above termination we found the place we have just finished moving into. Ok, just finished is a bit of a stretch, we still have to unpack everything and put the stuff in the proper place. New landlord is 180 from the above. He keeps his place pristine and well maintained. We were initially baffled by what we were seeing as the place was listed a lot lower than what we were expecting. At any rate, we are in, we are happy. It is not an ideal place. It has carpet which is not our favorite floor covering. It is slightly smaller than the place we are moving from and a little less bright inside. But all in all, it is a very nice place… I do have to downsize some of my crap though. I guess it is about time I do anyway.

2 thoughts on “Returning to normality.

  1. Congrats on the move!

    We were initially baffled by what we were seeing as the place was listed a lot lower than what we were expecting…

    Have you checked under the basement slab or the flower beds for bodies?

    It’d be kind a cool if the place was haunted!

  2. Ha! Although I’ve killed a few of these mutant mosquitoes that are well over 2 inches in length. Freakin’ eh are they juicy. I have to use paper towels to kill them.

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