Movie: The Croods and Oblivion

Catching up on my movie going. Star Trek and Iron Man are also on the list I’ll see soon.

The Croods. I liked it. But then I have a soft spot for animation. This movie is totally inaccurate, a little predictable, but still very much a hoot to watch. It’s amazing how fitting Nicolas Cage’s voice is for a cave man.

Oblivion. I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise the person but I have to admit he’s a good actor. Loved Minority Report. This movie also doesn’t disappoint. Plenty of special effects candy. Good pacing through out the movie. Ending is a bit ‘familiar’ but I won’t give it away. Even the most simplest hints would ruin it for you. The movie is still very enjoyable.

We did see a trailer for a new movie called RIPD. That looks very promising which has just made my list.

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