U.S. Politics: Child Separation

More logic that does not make sense.

I work in software development.  In the past on numerous occasions we were faced with the problem of having to deal with data in either multiple locations or in one location.  Multiple locations looked appealing because it may have provided a speed improvement.  However there was a cost with separating the data.

  1. You have to maintain links between the data and ensure those links are not broken.
  2. The above links makes the code and design way more complicated and way more difficult to design and code up.
  3. Next developer in will make mistakes because the design and code is way more complicated.
  4. User has to be aware where their data is.  If they want to transport some or all of their data they have to transport data in both locations.  More headache for the user.

Having the data all together in one place makes it simpler.  Coding and design.  Plus it is also simpler for the user.  One location to worry about.

So when I heard about this child separation policy the “Trump” instituted back in April/May, I am thinkin, “wow, that is one dumb move.”  You have essentially doubled the infrastructure to house, feed, and service these people which means you are wasting tax payer money to do this.  Keeping the children with their parents/guardians means that the chore of taking care of the dependents is no longer your (government) responsibility but the responsibility of the parents/guardians.  Infrastructure is way less, simpler, and cheaper.

As a someone who claims to be a shrewd business man, POTUS dun f’ed up on this one.  This is one business case that makes no sense.

And now that he has to return the dependents back to the parents/guardians, he has just incurred more cost to the tax payer because, surprise, surprise, ICE or whoever is responsible, failed to maintain proper links between the two.  Even having to use DNA testing to make the matches apparently according to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  Which means more expensive work needing to be done, payed for by the tax payer, because the links were not properly made to begin with.

Terrible business acumen shown by the POTUS on this situation.   This is not smart or genius.

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