U.S. Politics: Trump as POTUS

I find the current U.S. government odd.  It is and is not typical U.S. politics.  The blatant, selfish, short sighted, rich white man point of view of the republicans and the fanatic piss poor followers of these idiots is perfectly understandable.  That has always happened in the past and stupid does stupid.

The thing that I do not get is the blasé attitude toward the tampering of elections from inside or outside parties.  If anything U.S. has always been fairly vocal, if not fanatical, about its defense of their democracy.  So when I start hearing POTUS and other republicans dismiss the investigation of election tampering, it gives me the creeps.  A true U.S. patriot should expect fair and democratic elections and if there is so much of a whiff of wrong doing, you investigate the crap out of that!  It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian or sane.  A true patriot defends their democracy and not dismiss it.

I still remember many U.S. based TV shows when I was growing up about a strict republican or military dad lamenting about “Commy loving bastards” for anything remotely socialistic or having to deal with communist countries in any fashion (Russia, China, Cuba, etc.)  Right now, POTUS is a Commy loving…  Bastard…  and the kicker is he represents the Republicans as well.  Where has the U.S. gone so wrong?

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