Movie: Spiderman 2…

Also saw this movie today.  We are catching up on or to see list.  Also a long movie but still pretty good in my opinion.  It seemed to have been panned by the critics though which I don’t really get.  Granted it didn’t seem as well put together as Captain America but it was still enjoyable.

Jamie Fox’s character could have been fleshed out a little more.  The moment when he turns the audio is so busy you lose some of his thoughts in the noise.


There is a plot hole that I don’t quite get though.  If Peter Parker was bit by the same spider that his dad helped produce, and in this movie, those spiders were killed off.  What is now making the spider silk that Peter Parker is using for his web slingers?


Worth the admission price?  For me, yes.  Others?  Maybe not.

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