Movie: Captain America 2, Winter Soldier…

Just saw this yesterday.  I never really got into Captain America when it was in comic book form.  When the first Captain America was released I didn’t bother watching it in the theaters.  I actually saw it on an airplane to Hong Kong.  It was alright.

This new one, in my opinion, was better.  It’s a long movie but didn’t really feel like it was too long.  My wife wanted to see it more than I did but I have to say it was a good show.  Seeing the first movie will help if you haven’t been informed about Captain America’s back story.

Lots of action, and filmed quite well.  Very little romance in this movie.  Which sort of is a bit surprising because even in an action flick some directors try to squeeze in a love scene anyway.  Not really missed.

Worth the admission price.

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