Movie: Thor 2

Superhero movies… I kind of like the newer ones. Probably only because the visual effects have come a long way to be able to properly do a superhero movie. I have been collecting DVDs/BRs but decided to no longer collect superhero movies. There are just too many of them so I have decided to cut that down. I’m keeping the X-men and Spiderman movies I currently have though. The others, Iron-man and Hulks have already been sold.

I’m not a huge fan of Thor. The first movie wasn’t THAT great in my opinion but it was still enjoyable. But then who doesn’t like Natalie Portman?  The big question that I seem to have missed with Avengers movie is how Loki managed to be extracted from the doctor? I guess time to google…

As far as Thor 2, the movie was enjoyable. Denise has a problem with following certain story lines and this movie she had trouble trying to figure out what question to ask. Honestly, it seemed a little weak storyline wise in certain cases. I laughed out loud at the last scene after the credits though. That was funny.

It’s a good movie, not a great movie. Still enjoyable.