Ebaying again.

Cutting down some of the possessions. Letting go of some of the things I probably won’t watch or read again. Currently only processing the DVDs/BluRays so far. I’m hoping I don’t lose any money. In the past some items went for pennies. That was a little disconcerting. But that’s possible when you go with auctions.

Meh, it’s probably better to still let them go anyway. I need to declutter a bit. I don’t think I’m a hoarder but it could go that way. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ebaying again.

  1. Do you have enough items to hold a garage sale? Or maybe you can join a community/street sale.

    You’d probably do much better with no eBay fees, S&H costs and scammers to deal with.

  2. I probably do but I think the number of people who would be interested in buying at a garage sale are a lot smaller than the number of people interested over e-bay/amazon/craigslist. Certain items I got enough money on. Certain items I lost money on. Shipping to the States is bloody expensive. 🙁 Not everything sold though. I wonder if the local library will want them.

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