Movie: Blade Runner 2049

FREEKING AWESOME!  It’s really a shame that this movie is not doing better in the theaters.  I know it is not every ones cup of tea but as Sci-Fi goes, it is a heck of a movie; and when it comes to Sci-Fi I have found quality can vary wildly in that respect.

The movie keeps the similar sort of zen like feel of the first movie and still, I didn’t feel any pacing was off.  The visuals are outstanding.  Ryan does well in his role.  A co-worker commenting that his sort of robotic acting worked to the role’s benefit.

There is room for follow up movies.  I just hope they take the same attention to detail and flavor as the did with this movie.  This is Sci-Fi.  Loved it, well worth the $15+ it costs to watch movies now a days.

I think I will opt for the 4K UHD Bluray when it comes out.  Which means I will have to pony up for a UHD BluRay player as well.