Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 + Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

If you haven’t seen GotG yet, go.  It’s more comedy than action and it’s brilliant.  The opening sequence with little Groot doing his own thing among the chaos is the best opening credits I’ve seen for a movie in a long time.  Plus he steals the show a few more times in the movie.

The movie isn’t deep by any means and a bit predictable but it will not disappoint as a popcorn flick.  Drax is surprisingly funny too, which I wasn’t totally expecting.

And stay for the end credits

PotC:DMTNT is a bit lack luster.  Probably better as a rental or similar.  To me not enough craziness, comedy.  It started off promising but it seemed to me more serious than the other films.  I still liked it but not the caliber I was hoping for.

Wonder Woman is next on the list.  Apparently doing really well which I was surprised to see.  She’s not a character that, in my opinion, did really well in other films and series.

Rant: To the people who feel that taking their shoes off and placing their athletes foot stank near the back of my chair,  FFS!  Keep your rotting feet in your shoes!  Maybe partly the reason I felt the PotC seemed too real or serious.  God it smells in here.