Movie: Inside Out and Minions

Both pretty good movies but I think nothing too memorable.  That sounds a bit like a slag on the movies, not being memorable, but they are still fun movies to see.

Inside Out was interesting personifying the emotions.  Plenty of humor there.  Simple situation for the real life characters but your typical travel movie for the emotions.

Minions felt a little on the long side but still pretty fun to watch.  Although I do agree with other reviews which stated that the minions are sort of better as a side kick instead of the main attraction.  It has its moments though.

The nearly hit the floor laughing in the trailer for Shaun the Sheep.  There’s a scene in the pound where you see Hannibal Lechter as a cat.  “ths ths ths”…  Not many in the crowd got it though.  Laughing alone just makes me look crazy.

Both movies I would say are still worth the price of admission.  Maybe not for the 3D admission but ok.