So annoyed…

So very annoyed.  I have…  had a very nice working Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 wireless device.  Simple to set up.  Performed well, before it started to act completely funky.

Yesterday morning it was just flooding a port that was connected to my firewall machine with stuff.  I don’t know what kind of stuff but basically no one was using the device wirelessly or via the wire at the time it started till the time someone wanted to use the wireless in the morning…  I couldn’t log into the blasted machine either way to figure out what it was so busy about.  Reset.  Reconfigure.

A few hours later after working well for that time, it just closed up shop.  Could not connect to the device wirelessly or via the wire.  Ugh…  Reset.  Reconfigure.  Checked and updated firmware.  Checked everything…

Do this a few more times at seemingly shorter intervals and now the thing is a brick.  I can’t even do the hard reset.  It’s ignoring that reset button on the back.

So so very annoyed.  I had issues with my WRT54G that I had before this but it lasted months to years before acting up.  I’ve only had this Netgear since Feb this year.  Sigh.  RMA’ing the thing and probably selling the return device when I get it ot immediately flashing it with DD-WRT which seems to the be only stable thing for it or…

I’m now looking for something rock solid, hopefully better, like the WRT54G.  Any suggestions?  Doesn’t have to be 1900ac either.  Just something that has good signal strength, faster than the WRT54G, and doesn’t brick.  I’ll be happy with an N level router.

It seems that almost every router out now has issues.  Nothing is considered solid.

Movie: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is one movie I think the hype I read of it hurt it.  I like Joss Whedon as a director.  I like Avengers.  But I think my expectations were higher than what I got with the movie.  Also I sort of expected Ultron to be a touch better with the voice of James Spader.  That’s not to say the movie is bad.  It’s still a fun romp.  I think the with first Avengers I ended up walking away a little more excited and pleased with what I saw.

The trailer showed Ultron with a bit enigmatic voice and goal.  In the end he wasn’t all that enigmatic which sort of removed some of the potential ‘surprise’ when he was on screen.  And with an alien and super advanced Artificial Intelligence, surprising behaviour should have been the norm.  Not predictability.

Was it worth the admission.  I’d still say yes.

Vancouver Transit Vote

Vancouver transit is a bit of a joke.  Compared to other cities our system is almost adequate now but it will quickly be overwhelmed if even a partial shift of car drivers switch over.

So the mayors realize this and came up with a plan to address the transit issue.  Which is great, nothing wrong there.  At least they are thinking about it.  The problem, no matter what will be done to improve the transit (and road) system in Vancouver, it will mean a rather hefty bill to pay for those improvements.

The bigger problem as I see it, Vancouver’s mayors know that the money has to come from some where but they are a bit ‘gutless’ to pull the trigger on making a decision themselves.  Instead they are doing a ‘politically’ safe thing and making it a public vote.  So if the vote is yes, the PST increases by a little bit.  To me the problem is that the mayors should have made the decision without a public vote.  It’s a hard decision for sure but that’s why we voted you into office to make the hard decisions.  Not to be all gutless.

I get the feeling they are doing this more to improve their re-election odds.  They know if they raise taxes that it will bite them in the butt when they go for re-election.  But if the people voted yes they can distance themselves from the tax increase as if saying “Hey we didn’t really raise taxed, you asked for it!”

On one hand I hope the vote results in no just to piss off the gutless mayors.  On the other hand, something needs to be done about the transit and road systems in Vancouver and so it has to start somewhere.

Some of the changes need not be that big.

I would change…:
1. Left turn lanes (lanes at lit intersections or suicide lanes for uncontrolled areas) on some of the major arteries so that the @#$^&@*#^ left turners don’t block traffic.
2. Right turn lanes (cutouts) to get the right turners out of the $@#*($&@ way.  It is amazing that they didn’t design the roads with anything like this.  Oak, Granvile, Fraser, Main, Knight all are arteries out of downtown and very few places have left turn lanes, and pretty much NO right turn cutouts.
3. Bus stop cutouts to the the @#$*(#@ bus out of the way.
4. (maybe) Play with the idea of delayed left turns.  I know Tucson does this which always gets me when I’m down there but this means that straight through traffic has priority, get them moving.
5. Remove toll roads/bridges and collect the fee from licensing.  Based on how much you drive that will be how much more you pay.  This way people won’t try to avoid the Port Man bridge and divert to the Patulo.  This way people won’t avoid the Patulo when it gets updated and made into a toll bridge and people will then clog the Fraser bridge and Massey Tunnel.
6. Stop building super expensive rail systems and build something with cheaper technology.  The Skytrain is over priced.  And from the Olympics it looks like they went with a cheaper system with the Canada line (not the same tech.) Keep building with that!
7. Connect the universities with the Skytrain.  You have a guaranteed user base there that will use it.  Plus it’ll remove the B line bus which suffers from fare evaders and clogs the roads.
8. (maybe) No parking on major artery routes.  I know some businesses will hate that but maybe necessary to keep these arteries clear.  Mind you if you do the left and right lanes above that’ll fix a lot of it.
9. Ditch the Seabus.  There should have been a Skytrain line or something that connects to the north shore to Park Royal Mall (at least).  Make it a new line if connecting to the exiting Skytrain is too expensive.  Street cars even as long at it isn’t a bus and it is a dedicated unobstructed connection.

What the mayors like to think is that if the bus system improves that there will be that many less cars.  This won’t happen.  As the city grows, more people will drive and more people will use transit.  So the situation is still going to get worse even with a yes vote.