Movie: Edge Of Tomorrow

I like Sci-Fi movies.  It is a genre of movie I can watch over and over again.  Edge Of Tomorrow was one of those movies I could watch again.  Although I really disliked both main characters at the beginning and this movie ended up, yes a ground hog day sort of movie, but I would also add a time travel sort of movie as well.  The time travel part was what annoyed me a little.  Writers just do not know how to deal with it right.  The ending of this movie is one of those case.  I know why they ended it like that but still, it is a huge hole in and all around pretty good movie.

Although I am not a fan of Tom Cruise out side of the movies he has acted in, I am generally a fan of the movies and he does act well.  You just hate his character at the beginning.  At the end you hate him less, I would not say I would like his character but I suspect he has ‘changed’ over the course of the film.  You do not really get that sense too much though.  Possibly another point against the film in a way as hate for the character has not been manipulated to a more love for the character.

Plus near the end you wonder why they did what they did and not do something else instead.  They could have solved the problem in a lot simpler way…  possibly.  Just another problem with time travel movies.

If you like Sci-fi and Action films, I think this one was worth watching on the big screen.