We just bought a new e-bike.  This one in fact…

Evo Evo EBike

Evo Eco from BH. We bought this because 1, if we (my wife and I) both want to ride, this bike will be hers to ride and I ride my Norco, and 2, I wanted an e-bike for my commute to work.

My ride to work is from North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver.  The problem is that there is a significant bridge to ride over on the way to work.  And the same bridge and then a more serious hill to climb on the way home.  I can handle the bridge with my normal bike but the hill…  I can do about 100 m and then I have to walk the rest.  Some people more fit than me can climb it on their bikes but then, they aren’t moving much faster than my walking pace.

With this bike I can easily climb both these inclines.  Often passing really fit people in full cycling gear on really light speed bikes.  Yes, I know I’m cheating but screw that, I’m making it to work without killing myself.  The good think about this bike is that it is ‘pedal assist’, which means that the motor doesn’t work if you aren’t doing any work.  So I still get some sort of work out riding this thing.

The bad thing about all e-bikes at the moment…  HOLY DOODLE!  They cost as much as a small used car!  With the money I’m saving on transit, I’m calculating that this bike will pay for itself in about 3 years.

Plus even with the much less workout I get with the bike, I’m gladly riding it every day instead of the other bike which I’d do only manage to ride on Monday and Friday because it takes too much out of me.  I’m probably getting more exercise using this bike than the old manual bike.  Better for me in the long run.  And the ride is about 15-16 km each direction, it’s still not that insignificant; and it is still about a 45 minute commute.  Which isn’t much slower than taking transit.

At any rate, I’m rather chuffed with the new bike.  It’s a comfortable ride, you are sitting more upright than my Norco VFR4D.  The fatter tires make for a smoother ride.  Air is an awesome shock absorber.  I’m almost tempted to sell my Norco for another one of these.  The only gripe I have with this new bike is the breaks.  I would have loved to have disk breaks.  They work a whole lot better.  Apparently there is a newer model coming out in the fall with disk breaks and front shocks, although I don’t really care for the shocks since they only add more weight to the bike.  The bike is heavy with the battery and all.

Queen’s Bicycle Race is playing in my head at the moment. Wee!

Movie: How To Train Your Dragon 2

I loved the first movie.  The second one doesn’t disappoint.  Although when we saw it there were a lot of little kids in the theater.  Not usually a problem but from what my co-workers mention about showing their kids certain family rated films, the kids’ reaction is still being frightened too much by what they are seeing.  With this movie, definitely.  And certain kids were obviously upset with what they were seeing content wise.  So parents of little kids, you might want to wait.

The animation is top notch.  The water effects and behavior were pretty flawless.  The character animation was brilliant.  The story was very good for a sequel.  Toothless is still kickass.

Worth the money…  Maybe catch a viewing when you know there will be less kids in the room.