Movie: Maleficent

Ah the retelling of a classic.  How the villain was so misunderstood and we all got it wrong the first time.  Sort of like Wicked the broadway play about the wicked witch of the east/west.  A good movie with great effects but all in all, nothing exceptionally special.

I would say it was worth the admission, maybe not the 3D admission price though.

Movie: X-Men, Days Of Future Past

Time travel movies…  There is only one series of movies that I enjoyed that was time travel based an they were the Back To The Future movies.  Mainly because it was so light hearted and fun that I didn’t mind the problems that you could come up with about the movies.  The whole premise of those movies was about time travel nonsense.

X-Men does not land in the same shelf though.  I liked the movie.  It is fun to watch and well acted.  But in the end it is a time travel movie which basically kicks the ass of what happened in all the other X-Men movies so far.  So whatever you remembered happening in those movies, may, or probably, did not happen.  Time lines and plots and such can be kissed goodbye.  I do not like that.

It is like the Star Trek reboot with the new Kirk.  The new movies are awesome but you can basically assume that ST:The Next Generation does not happen, ST:Deep Space 9 does not happen (no great loss) etc. because the script writers has just monkeyed with the entire universe!  Even a lot of the original Star Trek can be assumed to no longer be valid anymore.

Character’s histories that you have come to know and accept are free game to be changed.  I hate that.  Personally I wish some authors would just clamp down on script writers to not allow time travel at all.  In a way I liked FireFly, Battle Star Galactica (new version) and Farscape for not entering into the silliness of time travel.  It means story events have consequences that the characters have to accept and live with.

It is like those movies or series where it was all just a dream.  Waste of time.

Still, X-Men was a pretty good movie if you are into the super hero genre.  Worth the price of admission in my opinion.