Dancing with the Stars…

CTV!  Why are you a whole week behind!  I actually like this show and I currently only have TV channels over the air which means I can only get Dancing with the Stars on CTV.ca if I miss the episode on Saturday.  ABC shows it live on Monday!  Which causes the very annoying situation of knowing who got kicked out of the competition before I actually get to see it.  And adding insult to injury, being in Canada, you can’t watch the episode from ABC.com because of some export laws or something.  This just boggles my mind as to why that is.

So I’m sitting here annoyed that I know the outcome yet I can’t watch it until at least Saturday.  It’s really ruining some of the enjoyment.  @CTV, What’s the deal?  Or do you just suck?


The company I work for has been sold!  This has me a little concerned.  For the most part I thought we were happy being privately owned and shifting toward being employee owned but just this week we (everyone other than those in the know) found out that the company has been sold to what looks like an investment company.

I’m still not certain what to make of it.  But all in all it doesn’t really change my situation much from the looks of it.  The new owners are a bit hands off and all they do is basically ask the companies they buy to put a small little logo on the web site saying we are now a part of their group of companies.

There are benefits.  With the help of other companies in the group, the company now has the chance to enter into markets that we were struggling just to get into.  Mainly because these other companies already have some sort of presence and infrastructure there.

What concerns me is that we are no longer private.  We are part of a public company that is beholden to it’s shareholders.  So basically our clients may ‘suffer’ if the shareholders are not considerate.

Time will tell what will happen.  I hope this wasn’t a bad move on management.


For the longest time my printer wasn’t working properly.  It’s a fancy multifunction printer with a scanner, fax and laser printer.  When I initially got the machine it installed and worked beautifully.  Some time down the line it got borked.  For whatever reason the installation software would never recognize it or something.  It would fail to install.

I just tried again with the same sort of results.  My OSX machine can work with it perfectly but the problem is, I rarely use the OSX machine.  So it’s a bit inconvenient.

A troubleshooting tool from HP could see that I have the printer on a USB connection but then it tries to ‘connect’ to it and it would fail.  Huh?  As a suggestion it mentioned to try a different port.  So I reconnect the beast to a hub port on my monitor.  Well what do you know, it works no problem now.

Why TF does the choice of USB port make a flipping difference!  Somewhere, something is royally f’ing up, but it is really disconcerting when something like this happens.  Stupid computers!

Comicbooks… Comicbook Movies…

One thing I hated with North American comics when I was growing up was that they would have criss-crossed story lines.   Like a Spiderman asking you to refer to an Avengers issue for some event that pertains to an event in the current story you are reading.

This might be fine and all but as a reader you feel like the story you are reading was missing something significant.  And like me, when I was growing up, I did not exactly have a lot of money to spend it all on comic books.  So I selectively only collected what I was interested in.  Some of the cross over moments made me ask “why would I buy that comic?  I don’t even like that hero.”  Often I probably couldn’t even find that comic book at the shops I went to because they wouldn’t stock it.

At any rate, these cross-over story lines were meant to get kids to buy the other comics and those comics will have references to other issues and so on.  So, a money grab.  It was one of the reasons I started to lose favour with the North American Super Hero comic book and started to look at more independents and Manga.

Independents, smaller press, graphic novels, and Manga were different.  Most often then not, they told a story.  A concise one, one with an ending.  Not the never ending sort of a Super Hero comic.  I loved that.  I could walk away feeling that I was entertained by a story.

So now the movies.  Recently I watched a small TV documentary about the Marvel Movie and not TV franchise and how they are intertwining the story lines together, just like how it was done in the comic books…  And I’m sitting there thinking, this is why I don’t buy your comics anymore.  You don’t tell good enough stories without me wondering what I’m missing.  I’m not going to watch Sheild or the movies, or vice versa just to fill in the blanks if there are any.

My wife has a hard enough time with certain movies wondering why characters are doing what they are doing or how they know what they know if it isn’t properly explained first in the movie.  (Sometimes she is impatient and wants to know before the movie maker explains it later in the movie but she isn’t like that.  For her, for her to enjoy a movie, the rules need to be explained before hand.  Although even then she misses certain details and gets lost.)  With this cross over business it allows the film maker to slack off and not explain certain things and it leaves my wife pestering me with a slew of questions just to get her head around the logic.  It also leaves me having to remember what the hell happened in the previous movie.  It’s not good!  It means a movie is not self contained.  You can’t just pick any movie in a series and know what is going.  You really need to watch them in sequence.

I still like super hero movies, but it might be starting to wear thin.  Then next Spiderman looks like it will be one of the better ones.  But if I start seeing a crossover at the end, I’m going to be a bit disappointed.

Movie: The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises is another Studio Ghibli film from Hayao Miyasaki.  Unlike the other films though this one is more of a biopic.  Following the life of the aeronautics engineer who developed Japan’s WWII fighter, Zero.

It is a quiet film and in typical Studio Ghibli fashion rendered beautifully.  However it does not have the same impact on the viewers as their fictional stories.  I suspect they wanted not to get too carried away from the actual biography into fiction.  So if you are looking for something like a Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, or Nausicaa you will not exactly get that sort of story or walk away with the same satisfaction.  It’s a good movie, a great movie, but know that it is more biographical instead of story.

Was it worth it?  For me since I’m a fan of almost anything Studio Ghibli, it is a yes.  If you aren’t or want something fictional then it is best to consider this movie for some other time.

Movie: Thor, The Dark World

My wife is loving these super hero movies.  Sweet!  I’m ok with them.  Some are a lot better than others.  Like that X-Men: Wolverine where Wolverine is in Japan.  That one wasn’t very good in my opinion.  For some reason it lacked a certain quality.  Avengers was actually pretty good, and there’s one scene I can’t get out of my head, the scene when the Hulk was giving Loki a thrashing, Loki complaining “I’m a God!”, Hulk: “Demi-God.”   That killed me.  (Or I heard Demi-God, Hulk doesn’t speak so clearly with all the low frequency and other special effects going on.  Made sense to me though.)  Anyway, Thor… 2.

The first Thor was ok.  I wouldn’t exactly say it was amazing.  Even though Natalie Portman was in it.  Thankfully she was in this one as well.  I like her as an actor.  This newer movie was about the same I would say.  Maybe a little more imaginative but were some how the hell moments in it.  Then ending was a little disappointing but in a way predictable.  All in all a good action flick.

Worth the price of admission?  If you are looking for a decent popcorn flick then I would say yes.  If you aren’t into super hero flicks, then no.

Movie: The Lego Movie

I like Lego.  I like computer animation.  I like this movie.

“Everything is Awesome!  Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!  Everything is Awesoooommmeee!”…  If you have kids like a friend of mine does, and they like to sing, like my friends kids do, this jingle from the movie WILL be sung by your kids all day long and it will drive you nuts.  Like it is doing to my friend.

The movie has a simple premiss. The action and pace is bit frenetic at times.  That reason alone will mean I’ll be watching it again just to see what I missed.  It never felt slow or sluggish.  In general, it was a pretty good movie.

Worth the money to see in 3D?  That’s a tough one.  If you agree with the first two sentences then you might feel that it is worth it.  If not, then I’m guessing you probably won’t.

This movie did make me consider digging out the old Lego sets that I have…  Bad movie!  Bad!  Must resist!…