Movie: Thor 2

Superhero movies… I kind of like the newer ones. Probably only because the visual effects have come a long way to be able to properly do a superhero movie. I have been collecting DVDs/BRs but decided to no longer collect superhero movies. There are just too many of them so I have decided to cut that down. I’m keeping the X-men and Spiderman movies I currently have though. The others, Iron-man and Hulks have already been sold.

I’m not a huge fan of Thor. The first movie wasn’t THAT great in my opinion but it was still enjoyable. But then who doesn’t like Natalie Portman?  The big question that I seem to have missed with Avengers movie is how Loki managed to be extracted from the doctor? I guess time to google…

As far as Thor 2, the movie was enjoyable. Denise has a problem with following certain story lines and this movie she had trouble trying to figure out what question to ask. Honestly, it seemed a little weak storyline wise in certain cases. I laughed out loud at the last scene after the credits though. That was funny.

It’s a good movie, not a great movie. Still enjoyable.

Movie: Elysium

When this movie was in the theaters it got, what I thought, a poor rating or review. So in the end I gave it a pass. Now, after watching it as a rental I feel I should have seen it on the big screen. I really liked it. Probably a bit more than District 9 which made me motion sick with the camera work.

A complaint people have mentioned was Jodie Fosters role. Like some people were saying she ‘phoned it in’ as in not much effort on her part. In the whole movie her role wasn’t that large to begin with. Matt Damon’s role was pretty much the main focus for the entire movie. All in all I found all the acting to be pretty good. Nothing stood out as being really bad. Or at least on the first pass. I haven’t seen it more than once to say how they stand up to a repeated viewing.

One thing I wasn’t expecting as much but probably should have was gritty violence and scenes that made Denise a bit squeamish. I still liked the movie, thumbs up in my opinion.

Book: Harry Dresden, Wizard.

Since I had a bit of break in the chaos of moving, wedding and all that over the last few months I decided to read one of these Dresden books my brother collects.  I thought the Harry Potter books were fast reads but these ones were just as good.

Harry Dresden is the main character and he advertises that he’s a wizard in modern day Chicago.  Most normal people are living lives like you and I and don’t believe there is a mystical world out there.  Which does exist but those in that world don’t like to make it known either.

So you have a sub world of your typical monsters like vampires, werewolves, the fae etc. I’m currently on the third book in the series.  And so far I can’t stop and don’t want to stop.  So far it is a great series and if you haven’t read them yet and you like more traditional monsters in the real world, then give them a try.

Movie: Ender’s Game

We recently saw Ender’s Game in the theaters.  I wanted to see it on the big screen before it leaves the theaters; which looks like it might be pretty soon.

Yes I’m not a fan of the author’s stance on the LGBT issue but after listening to the director of the film being asked what he thinks about the author’s stance and how people may actually boycott  the movie because of he was left baffled because the message of the movie seems to conflict with the author’s stance.  Plus I’m sure most of the people involved with the movie, actors and the like, probably don’t agree with the author either.

So I’m left with the idea, I may not like the author but I might like his stories.  Similarly, I like Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson or other actors as actors because they are good at their craft but as people off the screen I might dislike them because of their religious beliefs, crazy behaviour or for some other reason.  It doesn’t mean the product they were a part of was any less in quality.

Denise didn’t know anything about the book.  I’ve read the book some time ago and it was one of those books I could actually cruise through with out it feeling so long and difficult to finish.  It’s a well written book in my opinion.  The movie was well directed and acted.  The twist at the end got Denise and others who haven’t read the book which is what I think the director was hoping for.  I was careful not to give anything away during the movie.  I didn’t want to spoil it.

Although a few things are probably difficult to portray in the movie that the book manages to explain a little better.  That’s where I had to give some background to Denise after the movie.  Which I think did help her understand the other bits of the movie.

All in all, a very good movie.  I’d recommend it.