Movie: After Earth, Monsters U, RIPD

After Earth wasn’t all that bad.  It wasn’t great and pretty predictable but not entirely a bad movie.  Although I have to say, I’m not entirely a fan of Jaden Smith as an actor… Or fan yet.  So far from what I’ve seen of his work, it’s a bit too whiny.

RIPD was alright as a popcorn flick.  It’s a case of the trailers making the movie appear much more fun than it really is.  Again, not a seriously bad movie, just not as fun as you would have expected.  Somewhere I read it was sort of like a rehash of MIB.  I can see that; and MIB was more fun.

Monsters U was what you would expect for a Monsters Inc sequel (prequel).  I liked it but I might not be entirely objective.  I like most animations due to the creativity and the fantasy.  At work, a few co-workers and I were talking about animation recently and how they couldn’t show this movie to their kids because it is too scary.  Their kids are still a little too young.  Although I could see why it might be scary.  That centipede, bat winged, Scare Professor could give nightmares.

Of this bunch, Monsters U is probably the pick.  The other two, so so, it’s a toss up.