What is my Religion…

This question came up a few times recently and it got me thinking.  Do I have one.  I guess I do.  Although it is not an ‘organized’ religion that I follow.  So I thought I would write my thoughts down and see if I could actually spit out something coherent, to the point and accurate about what I think about religion and more specifically, my religion.


Google doc of what I wrote.  As an aside, I kind of like google docs.  For simple documents, it does very well.  For anything more complex, I think it would frustrate me too much.  But if you have a good browser, this documentation format may be the most portable.

Book: Harry Potter Series

I finished them not too long ago.  They were a fun read.  I’m sort of glad waited after the movies to read them.  Not that they are too different from the movies, they do cover some things that I find are not spelled out as much in the movies.

If you haven’t read them, and you are into the fantasy sort of stories, then you should have this on your to read list.  It’s a great complete story.  I will say that the last book might have dragged a bit but all in all, still very good.

I wonder how Ender’s Game will hold up when transitioned to the movie.  I’ve already read that book way back in High School.  Also an easy read and pretty good story.  Although Orson Scott Card’s ideals in real life might be questionable the book is still good.

I’m seeing that a lot though.  The Scientologist movie actors (Tom Cruise, Will Smith (apparently if I recall correctly), John Travolta to name a few) to ones that just lose it (Mel Gibson), I may not like them much in real life but I have to admit that they look good on screen.  There are some though that I like on and off screen like Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster.  They just seem to have their act together…  Hmm… How did I get side tracked…

Movie: Iron Man 3

I like Robert Downey Jr when he’s not messed up.  It looks like he has some fun with the Iron Man role and all in all the movie is a good super hero popcorn flick.  If you don’t expect much more then you won’t be disappointed.

I like super hero films in general.  Although not all of them stand up to repeated watchings.  Hulk 1 and 2 sort of come to mind.  Although I still sort of like them in a way.  I like the actors at any rate.

Speaking of the Hulk, you have got to sit till after the credits in Iron Man 3.  People have got to get into the habit of slogging through the credits for that one little scene afterwards.  Often it is worth it.  The Croods had one too although that doesn’t usually happen in kids movies because of their short attention span.