Book: Harry Potter.

Now that all the movies have been released and I’ve seen them.  I’m starting to read the books.  So far I’m at the third book and there isn’t that much different compared to the movies.  There are a couple things that do become clearer.  I expect the fatter books in the series will have much more stuff that people keep mentioning was missing from the movies.

Still, they are a fun read.


I have the typical radio alarm clock that I wake up to and it is set to JackFM.  Not too long ago they changed radio hosts and this morning they were talking about how Taylor Swift was LAME for 1. having mimes and clowns in her performance and more importantly, to them, 2. that she went home to have her beauty sleep right after and didn’t party hearty like others.  Taylor explained that she had an early morning job to go to the next day.

My question to the radio host TJ.  How is being a ‘responsible adult’ lame!  And from someone who people don’t expect, due to her age, would show such responsible behaviour.  I bet the next day she didn’t waste anyone’s time fro being bleary eyed and basically a vegetable or zombie from not enough sleep like some other starlettes I could think of.  If anything I hope this speaks to other people in the industry that Taylor Swift is probably a treat to deal with because they will be dealing with someone with a good work ethic and knows how to conduct themselves.

I wonder if JackFM thinks they have a couple of LAME radio hosts or not.  Maybe they should hire some more mimes to put on the air.  At least there will be a benefit of more music being played.  I loved that time between Larry and Willy and these new Ky and Tara Jean shows.  It was great!  Now it’s back to the cheap talky show and not enough music.

I’m glad to be incredibly lame.