CD cases…

Recently I’ve been re-encoding my CD collection.  Before I encoded at 128 bit mp3 and now I’m re-encoding them at 320 bit since I have the hard drive space for it now.

Why did they make the CD jewel cases so fragile?  A small drop to the floor and it cracks, shatters and what not so easily.  A few of my albums have a cover with a missing hinge.  So annoying.

One album uses cardboard cover but a plastic tray.  The thing about this particular album is that the hub holder for this tray was so very effective at holding on to the CD that I cracked the brand new CD trying to remove it from the holder; making it pretty much useless.  (Sam Roberts Collider Album if you are wondering.)  I’m wondering if I should buy another but that sort of rubs me the wrong way.

New Software! DRYAD…

Finally getting off my butt and starting to code up my dream hobby programming project.  Right now it is pretty pathetic though.  Pretty much just an image viewer.  But the goal is so much more than that.

You can find it under the Software menu link.

Giving WordPress another chance.

I am not a huge WordPress fan but the option I was using was showing an issue that I didn’t really want to try and figure out.  So the web site has switched back to WordPress.

A clean slate is sort of nice but now I have to figure out how to tailor the madness of WordPress templates.  So the sight will morph over time as I work on bits and pieces to get it looking how I want it to look.