Selling some of my comics

I’m trying to sell some of my collection.  I’ve accumulated too much and I’m running out of room at home.  So some of it has to go.  All prices are what I am looking to get for the books but if you buy a bunch I am a bit flexible.

I will not break up sets.  I’m trying to quickly sell these books.

I live on the North Shore.  I work in Yaletown.  I’m often in Surrey one day over the weekend.  So if you are interested in purchasing, we can meet anywhere on the North Shore after work or on the weekend; almost anywhere downtown before work, over lunch, after work; almost anytime during the working day at the Yaletown-Roundhouse skytrain station; or somewhere in between North Shore and Surrey along my commute on usually a Saturday.  If none of those are good then I’ll try an see what we can do.

Asking Price| Title| Volumes| Notes if any.

All prices negotiable.

All books are in Mint-near Mint condition unless stated otherwise in the notes.
They will be in about the same shape as if you bought them new from the shop.

Japanese Manga in English, Manga Format
$3| A,A’| 1| Collection of short stories.
$3| AD Police| 1| From the Bubble Gum Crisis universe.
$24| AI Love You| 1-8| From the creator of Love Hina and Negima.
$33| AI Yori Aoshi| 4-14| Not a complete series but almost all of it.
$10| Aqua Knight| 1-3|
$15| Banya| 1-5| Complete series.
$36| Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad| 1-12| Not a complete series.  I dont’ know when the publisher will resume it.
$15| Cannon God Exaxxion| 1-5| Not a complete series.  Still ongoing as far as I know.  From the creator of Steam Detectives, Silent Moebius and Gunsmith Cats.
$12| Crying Freeman| 1-3|
$48| D.Gray-Man| 1-16| Not a complete series but a good portion of it.
$15| Dr. Slump| 1-4,6| Not a complete series.
$3| .hack| 1|
$15| Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President| 1-5| Complete series.
$6| Eat-Man| 1,2|
$30| Eden| 1-7,9-11| Not a complete series.
$3| 11th Cat| 1|
$27| Et Cetera| 1-9| Complete series.
$21| Futaba-kun Change| 1-7|
$6| Fushigi Yugi| 1,2|
$15| Galaxy Express 999| 1-5|
$27| Gimmick!| 1-9| Complete series.
$6| Grey| 1,2| Complete series.
$24| Gunsmith Cats| 1-8| From the creator of Steam Detectives and Silent Moebius.
$27| High School Girls| 1-9| All volumes are of the same size.  Cover design different for vol. 7-9.
$12| Hot Gimmick| 1-4| These are big, fat books.
$30| Hyper Police| 1-10| Complete series.
$45| I”s| 1-15| From the creator of Video Girl AI.  Complete series.
$9| Ice Blade| 1-3|
$75| Inu Yasha| 1-25| Not a complete series.  Vol.1-12 are in original release format, slightly larger and different cover design.
$6| King Of Debris, The| 1,2|
$9| Kingyo Used Books| 1-3|
$42| Kurohime| 1-14| Not a complete series.
$12| Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service| 1-4|
$48| Law Of Ueki| 1-16| Complete Series.
$42| Love Hina| 1-14| Complete Series.  From the Creator of Negima.
$24| Lum: Urusei Yatsura| 1-8| From the creator of Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha and many others.
$12| Mai: The Psychic Girl| 1-3| Complete Series.
$12| Marionette Generation| 1-3,5| Not a complete series.
$2| Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind| 7|
$21| Neon Genesis Evangelion| 1-7| The original manga format.  Newer manga format is slightly smaller.
$27| No Need For Tenchi!| 1-9|
$6| Ogre Slayer| 1,2|
$6| Onegai Teacher| 1,2| Complete series.
$69| One Piece| 1-23| Not a complete series.
$12| One Pound Gospel| 1-4| Complete series.  From the creator of Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha and many others.
$3| Pixy Junket| 1| Self contained story.
$21| Pita Ten| 1-4,6-8| Not a complete series.
$6| Pokemon| 1,2|
$21| Psychic Academy| 1-5,8,9| Not a complete series.
$12| Qwan| 1-4| Not a complete series.
$108| Ranma 1/2| 1-36| Complete series.  Vol.1-21 are in original manga format which had different covers and were slightly larger.
$6| Riot| 1,2|
$12| Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei| 1-4|
$9| Scapped Princess| 1-3|
$18| Seraphic Feather| 1-6|
$9| Shadow Lady| 1-3|
$21| Shadow Star| 1-7| Not a complete series.
$36| Silent Mobius| 1-12| Complete series.  From the creator of Steam Detectives and Gunsmith Cats.
$24| Steam Detectives| 1-8| Not a complete series.
$15| Strain| 1-5|
$42| Strawberry 100%| 1-14| Not a complete series.
$9| Striker| 1-3| As far as I know, these are all that there is to the series.
$21| 3×3 Eyes| 1-7| Vol.1 and 2 are in north american size format.
$15| Toto: The Wonderful Adventure| 1-5| Complete series.
$12| Yosakura Quartet| 1-4|

Japanese Manga in English, North American Format, Trade Paperback(TP), Graphic Novel(GN) or Single Issue Comics(SIC)
$6| Apple| 1,3| Collection of short stories.
$5| Caravan Kid| 2,3| TP
$2| Chiralty: To The Promised Land| 1-4| SIC
$9| Dark Angel| 1-3| From the creator of Silent Moebius and Gunsmith Cats.
$9| Drakuun| 1-3|
$3| Legend Of Mother Sarah, The| 1|
$6| Robot| 2,4| Collection of short stories.
$3| Silbuster| 1|
$3| Venus Wars| 1|
$3| Witchblade| 1| Japanese version of Witchblade.

English Language Comics, Manga Format
$3| Ant| 1|
$3| Arana| 1| Spider-man universe
$9| Blue Monday| 1-3|
$3| Mary Jane| 1| Spider-man universe
$6| Reality Check| 1,2| Vol1 is north american size.
$3| Sidekicks: The Tranfer Student| 1|

English Language Comics, North American Format, Trade Paperback(TP), Graphic Novel(GN) or Single Issue Comics(SIC)
$9| Akiko| 2-4| TP
$6| Akira| 1,22,38| Original american eclipse release.  State of the books are more good to fine.
$3| Animal Mystic| 1| GN
$6| Applegeeks | 1,2| TP of the collected works from online.
$3| Atomic Mike| 1| TP
$3| Big Book Of Lethargic Lad, The| 1|
$3| Black Ops| 1| TP
$3| Body Bags: Father’s Day| 1| TP
$3| Bodycount| 1| GN
$3| Books of Magic, The| 1| TP
$3| Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal| 1| From the anime and drawn like manga.  Adam Warren author.  TP
$6| Castle Waiting| 1,2| TP
$15| Concrete| 1,2,+3| Collected works and 3 other TPs.
$3| Cloudfall| 1| GN
$3| Crow, The| 1| TP
$3| Dark Chylde| 1TP, 1SIC|
$9| Darkness, The| 1-6| Each book is about 3 SIC.  Collector box for the first 3 books included.
$9| Dark Minds| 1-8| 10 SIC, some dups withe alternate covers
$3| Dawn| 1| TP
$6| Deity| 1-3|
$15| Dirty Pair| 1-5| From the anime and drawn like manga.  Adam Warren author.  TP
$2| Doctor Mid-nite| 1| GN
$3| Eden’s Trail| 1-5| Complete series, SIC
$3| Elfquest: Fire & Flight| 1| TP
$15| Empowered| 1-5| Original story, drawn like manga.  Adam Warren author.  TP
$6| Fathom| 1-5| Each book is about 3 SIC.
$9| Flight| 1-3| Collection of short stories.  Or $5 individually.
$3| Flight: Explorer| 1| Collection of short stories.
$3| Gen 13| 1| TP
$2| Girl Genius| 1-3| SIC
$3| Gloom Cookie| 2| TP
$24| Gold Digger| 1-8| TP
$2| Hack/Slash| 1,2,4| SIC
$3| Herobear and the Kid| 1| GN
$3| Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy| 1| TP
$3| HyperKinetic| 1-3| SIC
$3| Inhumans| 1| TP
$9| Invisibles, The| 1-3| TP
$3| JTHM: Johnny The Homicidal Maniac| 1| TP
$3| Kabuki: Circle of Blood| 1| TP
$6| League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The| 1,2| TP
$6| Lenore| 1,2| TP
$3| Locke & Key| 1-6| SIC
$2| Lullaby| 1,3| SIC
$3| Moonshadow| 1| GN
$3| Monkeyman And O’Brien| 1| TP
$1| Multiple Warheads| 1| SIC
$9| Ninja High School| 1,2| Telephone books, seriously.
$27| Noble Causes| 1-9| TP
$3| Olympus Heights| 1| TP
$3| Outer Orbit| 1-4| SIC
$9| Poison Elves| 1-3| TP
$3| Pro, The| 1| GN
$12| Quantum And Woody| 1-4| TP
$9| Queen And Country| 1-3| TP
$3| Replacement God| 1| TP
$6| Ruse| 1,2| TP
$12| Savage Dragon| 1-4, +1SIC| TP, SIC “Back-Up Stories”
$12| SCUD: The Disposable Assassin| 1-4| TP
$3| Shrugged: A Little Perspective| 1| TP
$3| Space Pinchy| 1| GN
$3| Sparks: An Urban Fairytable| 1| GN
$3| Squee!| 1| TP
$3| Stray| 1| GN
$3| Tellos: Maiden Voyage| 1| TP
$3| User| 1-3| Complete series.
$3| Unknown Soldier| 1| TP
$6| Vampi| 1,2| TP
$5| Ultimate Vision| 0,1-4| SIC
$3| Warrior Nun Areala| 1| TP
$3| WE3| 1| GN
$3| Wetworks| 1| TP
$6| Witchblade| 1TP, +4 smaller TP| First TP is large multiple SIC, the other 4 are smaller, about 3SIC each.
$2| witchblade, Tales of the| 1| about a 3 SIC TP
$3| Wizard’s Tale, The| 1| GN
$3| Wretch, The| 1| TP
$6| Y: The Last Man| 1,2| TP
$3| Youngblood| 3 SIC| #0, #1, #1 Youngblood: Strikefile
$3| Zero Girl| 1| TP. From the creator of The Maxx.
$3| Zombie World| 1|

Art Books, larger format
$6| Elemental| 1,2| Elemental 1 and 2 from Ballistic publishing.
$3| Machineflesh| 1| From Ballistic publishing.
$3| Painter The World’s finest painter art| 1| From Ballistic publishing.

Book: Harry Dresden, Wizard.

Since I had a bit of break in the chaos of moving, wedding and all that over the last few months I decided to read one of these Dresden books my brother collects.  I thought the Harry Potter books were fast reads but these ones were just as good.

Harry Dresden is the main character and he advertises that he’s a wizard in modern day Chicago.  Most normal people are living lives like you and I and don’t believe there is a mystical world out there.  Which does exist but those in that world don’t like to make it known either.

So you have a sub world of your typical monsters like vampires, werewolves, the fae etc. I’m currently on the third book in the series.  And so far I can’t stop and don’t want to stop.  So far it is a great series and if you haven’t read them yet and you like more traditional monsters in the real world, then give them a try.

Book: Harry Potter Series

I finished them not too long ago.  They were a fun read.  I’m sort of glad waited after the movies to read them.  Not that they are too different from the movies, they do cover some things that I find are not spelled out as much in the movies.

If you haven’t read them, and you are into the fantasy sort of stories, then you should have this on your to read list.  It’s a great complete story.  I will say that the last book might have dragged a bit but all in all, still very good.

I wonder how Ender’s Game will hold up when transitioned to the movie.  I’ve already read that book way back in High School.  Also an easy read and pretty good story.  Although Orson Scott Card’s ideals in real life might be questionable the book is still good.

I’m seeing that a lot though.  The Scientologist movie actors (Tom Cruise, Will Smith (apparently if I recall correctly), John Travolta to name a few) to ones that just lose it (Mel Gibson), I may not like them much in real life but I have to admit that they look good on screen.  There are some though that I like on and off screen like Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster.  They just seem to have their act together…  Hmm… How did I get side tracked…

Book: Harry Potter.

Now that all the movies have been released and I’ve seen them.  I’m starting to read the books.  So far I’m at the third book and there isn’t that much different compared to the movies.  There are a couple things that do become clearer.  I expect the fatter books in the series will have much more stuff that people keep mentioning was missing from the movies.

Still, they are a fun read.