Movie: Shazam!

I was hoping for better. I like Zachary Levi as an actor and he does well in this movie but I am finding a lot of DC movies are a bit lacking in the writing department. The movie has its moments but I felt it could have been more entertaining.

It is not a bad popcorn flick but I wonder if it was really worth the $30+ price tag that movies are demanding now a days. I find the Marvel movies to be more entertaining in general. Although I have yet to see Captain Marvel but according to my niece it was not worth it. So I might wait till it comes out in some other format.

Movie: Blade Runner 2049

FREEKING AWESOME!  It’s really a shame that this movie is not doing better in the theaters.  I know it is not every ones cup of tea but as Sci-Fi goes, it is a heck of a movie; and when it comes to Sci-Fi I have found quality can vary wildly in that respect.

The movie keeps the similar sort of zen like feel of the first movie and still, I didn’t feel any pacing was off.  The visuals are outstanding.  Ryan does well in his role.  A co-worker commenting that his sort of robotic acting worked to the role’s benefit.

There is room for follow up movies.  I just hope they take the same attention to detail and flavor as the did with this movie.  This is Sci-Fi.  Loved it, well worth the $15+ it costs to watch movies now a days.

I think I will opt for the 4K UHD Bluray when it comes out.  Which means I will have to pony up for a UHD BluRay player as well.

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 + Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

If you haven’t seen GotG yet, go.  It’s more comedy than action and it’s brilliant.  The opening sequence with little Groot doing his own thing among the chaos is the best opening credits I’ve seen for a movie in a long time.  Plus he steals the show a few more times in the movie.

The movie isn’t deep by any means and a bit predictable but it will not disappoint as a popcorn flick.  Drax is surprisingly funny too, which I wasn’t totally expecting.

And stay for the end credits

PotC:DMTNT is a bit lack luster.  Probably better as a rental or similar.  To me not enough craziness, comedy.  It started off promising but it seemed to me more serious than the other films.  I still liked it but not the caliber I was hoping for.

Wonder Woman is next on the list.  Apparently doing really well which I was surprised to see.  She’s not a character that, in my opinion, did really well in other films and series.

Rant: To the people who feel that taking their shoes off and placing their athletes foot stank near the back of my chair,  FFS!  Keep your rotting feet in your shoes!  Maybe partly the reason I felt the PotC seemed too real or serious.  God it smells in here.

Movie: Inside Out and Minions

Both pretty good movies but I think nothing too memorable.  That sounds a bit like a slag on the movies, not being memorable, but they are still fun movies to see.

Inside Out was interesting personifying the emotions.  Plenty of humor there.  Simple situation for the real life characters but your typical travel movie for the emotions.

Minions felt a little on the long side but still pretty fun to watch.  Although I do agree with other reviews which stated that the minions are sort of better as a side kick instead of the main attraction.  It has its moments though.

The nearly hit the floor laughing in the trailer for Shaun the Sheep.  There’s a scene in the pound where you see Hannibal Lechter as a cat.  “ths ths ths”…  Not many in the crowd got it though.  Laughing alone just makes me look crazy.

Both movies I would say are still worth the price of admission.  Maybe not for the 3D admission but ok.

Movie: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is one movie I think the hype I read of it hurt it.  I like Joss Whedon as a director.  I like Avengers.  But I think my expectations were higher than what I got with the movie.  Also I sort of expected Ultron to be a touch better with the voice of James Spader.  That’s not to say the movie is bad.  It’s still a fun romp.  I think the with first Avengers I ended up walking away a little more excited and pleased with what I saw.

The trailer showed Ultron with a bit enigmatic voice and goal.  In the end he wasn’t all that enigmatic which sort of removed some of the potential ‘surprise’ when he was on screen.  And with an alien and super advanced Artificial Intelligence, surprising behaviour should have been the norm.  Not predictability.

Was it worth the admission.  I’d still say yes.

Movie: Big Hero 6

First off, I loved this movie. I would recommend it and go see it. It’s funny and creative. However I wouldn’t say it’s the best animated movie out there. In the end you come away thinking you’ve seen it before sort of thing. Just in a different setting, environment, characters. Still, the marshmello robot is a hoot. Especially when he’s low on batteries. 🙂

Movie: Maleficent

Ah the retelling of a classic.  How the villain was so misunderstood and we all got it wrong the first time.  Sort of like Wicked the broadway play about the wicked witch of the east/west.  A good movie with great effects but all in all, nothing exceptionally special.

I would say it was worth the admission, maybe not the 3D admission price though.

Movie: X-Men, Days Of Future Past

Time travel movies…  There is only one series of movies that I enjoyed that was time travel based an they were the Back To The Future movies.  Mainly because it was so light hearted and fun that I didn’t mind the problems that you could come up with about the movies.  The whole premise of those movies was about time travel nonsense.

X-Men does not land in the same shelf though.  I liked the movie.  It is fun to watch and well acted.  But in the end it is a time travel movie which basically kicks the ass of what happened in all the other X-Men movies so far.  So whatever you remembered happening in those movies, may, or probably, did not happen.  Time lines and plots and such can be kissed goodbye.  I do not like that.

It is like the Star Trek reboot with the new Kirk.  The new movies are awesome but you can basically assume that ST:The Next Generation does not happen, ST:Deep Space 9 does not happen (no great loss) etc. because the script writers has just monkeyed with the entire universe!  Even a lot of the original Star Trek can be assumed to no longer be valid anymore.

Character’s histories that you have come to know and accept are free game to be changed.  I hate that.  Personally I wish some authors would just clamp down on script writers to not allow time travel at all.  In a way I liked FireFly, Battle Star Galactica (new version) and Farscape for not entering into the silliness of time travel.  It means story events have consequences that the characters have to accept and live with.

It is like those movies or series where it was all just a dream.  Waste of time.

Still, X-Men was a pretty good movie if you are into the super hero genre.  Worth the price of admission in my opinion.

Movie: Captain America 2, Winter Soldier…

Just saw this yesterday.  I never really got into Captain America when it was in comic book form.  When the first Captain America was released I didn’t bother watching it in the theaters.  I actually saw it on an airplane to Hong Kong.  It was alright.

This new one, in my opinion, was better.  It’s a long movie but didn’t really feel like it was too long.  My wife wanted to see it more than I did but I have to say it was a good show.  Seeing the first movie will help if you haven’t been informed about Captain America’s back story.

Lots of action, and filmed quite well.  Very little romance in this movie.  Which sort of is a bit surprising because even in an action flick some directors try to squeeze in a love scene anyway.  Not really missed.

Worth the admission price.